Pragmatic Software Engineering,

We craft software that scales with your business. Think of us as your extended engineering powerhouse for your software and reliability engineering needs.

There is a reason why funded startups trust us with their core work.

We deliver what we promise.

We don’t find ways to overcharge.

We don’t throw tech mindlessly at every problem.

How can we help?

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We work on production systems, with all the constraints in mind.

We won’t suggest you to stop the business and rewrite everything, instead, we’d refactor systems, like patching a tire of a running car. We design solutions with backward compatibility, rollbacks, backups and security in mind, things that matter, but not many think about.

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We focus on the “lities” of software systems.

Maintainability, Scalability and Availability are the most important "lities" to achieve for your growing business. We implement proven best practices to help you reduce the tech debt, handle ever-growing user traffic and consistently achieve your SLOs. We are your dependable senior engineers.

Our services.

Software Engineering

We help companies build, maintain and scale backend systems with best-in-class engineering practices.

Site Reliability Engineering

We help companies ship faster, increase availability, improve reliability, and lower their cost at the same time.



“One2N helped us when we had no SRE team. They set up an OKR to reduce my on-call time to zero. They fixed all our burning problems one by one and also set up processes and best practices. They are not just a DevOps team, they are strong software craftspeople, working with our dev team to brainstorm architectural decisions.”

Luqman Sungkar


“Solid chaps with the ability to meet delivery expectations. They follow good engineering practices which reflect in their solutions. They have a strong sense of ownership that reflects in the quality, execution, and responsiveness.”

Piyush Verma

CTO, Last9

“One2N has been instrumental in holding the SRE and Infosec front at Trusting Social. They set up homogenous observability standards for our multi-cloud and on-prem data centre deployments, helped auto-scale our ML workloads and reduce our cloud costs massively. They have a great mix of flexibility and discipline, which is essential for a startup type of environment.”

Siddharth Kohli

Head of India operations, TrustingSocial

Case studies.


AutoScaling eKYC Machine Learning workloads to 2M+ req/day



Homogenous Monitoring across Cloud and On-premise