We are One2n

We help you scale

We are a niche backend software development company. Think of us as your fully remote solid backend engineering team.

We solve scaling problems in Software Engineering, Data Engineering, Infrastructure and Reliability Engineering.

Our Team

Akshay Srivastava
Akshay Srivastava
Chinmay Naik
Chinmay Naik

Jaideep Khandelwal
Jaideep Khandelwal
Kalpesh Deo
Kalpesh Deo
Sagar Rakshe
Sagar Rakshe
Siddharth Shashikar
Siddharth Shashikar

Sitaram Shelke
Sitaram Shelke

Our Area of Expertise

Software Engineering
  • Work with the founders and decision-makers in the organisation to translate business requirements into working software.
  • Help companies build and manage engineering teams.
  • Design and develop backend systems that scale and meet customer demands.
  • Design monoliths, microservices, synchronous/asynchronous architectures.
  • Expertise in mainstream languages like Golang, Ruby, Python, JavaScript and JVM languages (Java, Scala).
  • Write clean code with focus on Test Driven Development and Design Principles.
Data Engineering
  • Make data accessible with low latency to the teams in the organisation.
  • Setup Data warehouses, Data-Marts for business stakeholders in the organization.
  • Build ETL Pipelines using big data tools to process streaming/batch data sources.
  • Create materialized views and OLAP cubes.
  • Create hot, warm and cold policies for data storage for cost optimizations and compute affinity.
Site Reliability Engineering
  • Run software systems in production with High Availability, Robustness, and Reliability.
  • Deploy homogeneous systems across public clouds and on-premise data centres.
  • Setup observability systems for your environments to measure SLIs, SLOs.
  • Build auto-scaling solutions to optimise cloud costs.
  • Setup actionable monitoring and alerting systems for infrastructure.
  • Help companies with ISO Certification by setting up data compliance policies, Disaster Recovery sites, etc.
  • Implement CI/CD for cloud native mircosevices stacks.

How we work

First principles thinking

Do not take things for granted, question and validate assumptions. Build systems by composition and abstraction.

Close collaboration

We work with people who have “skin in the game” and who care deeply about the impact of the solution.


We believe in end to end ownership. When we’re working on a problem, we operate with a motto “No issue is someone else’s problem”.

Pragmatic Approach

We focus on the fundamentals rather than chasing a new shiny tool. We evaluate the technologies based on the trade offs they offer.

Focus on Simplicity

We focus on avoiding incidental complexity. We strive to build simple and manageable solutions to complex business problems.

Getting it done

At the end of the day, what matters is deploying business solutions and iterating based on the customer feedback. Our focus is on continuously delivering business value using technology.

Contact Us

We are locally global - our office is based in Pune and we cater to clients from varied geographies.

For enquiries or careers, please reach us at [email protected]

Our Office

Samruddhi Bungalow, Suyog Cooperative Housing Society, Model Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411053

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