Your Site Reliability Engineering partner.

Our services help you ship faster, increase availability, improve reliability, and lower your costs at the same time.

We have vast experience of shipping and running code in production. It’s not just about possessing the best tools for the job. It’s knowing what tool to use when to get the job done right. We know this through our experience of solving a myriad of problems well.

Tech stack we use.

Infrastructure Automation
Container Orchestration

Our services.

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Managed SRE

Our expert SREs can help you manage and maintain infrastructure, and service uptime and implement best practices.

On demand SRE teams

Our expert SREs can work as an extension to your current team saving you the hassle of hiring and retention.

SRE Advisory

Our expert SREs can guide you through everything needed from setting up a DevOps culture, to helping you adopt a reliability-focused development mindset.

How we do SRE.

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Reduce time to production

Fail fast and recover faster

We implement trunk based development, automated tests, Continuous Integration and Delivery practices to reduce the time it takes to ship code to production. This way, we have improved the time taken to ship code to production from days/hours to < 30 mins.

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Cost optimizations

Always Cost Conscious

We help you save cloud costs by stopping unwanted instances, using optimized instance types, monitoring egress costs and auto-scaling infrastructure using telemetry data and traffic patterns. Our clients have seen savings ranging from 30% to 200% on cloud costs alone.

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Everything as code

Faster feedback using automation

We take the E in SRE seriously. This means automating everything - infrastructure, configuration, builds and policy as code using Terraform, Ansible, GitLab CI pipelines, OPA Gatekeeper, respectively. At its core, this enables repeatability, testability, consistency, and stable environments.

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Self serve model

Centralized observability

SREs should act as internal platform teams and enable dev and business teams to self-serve their needs. This means, assembling tools to ensure observability, error reporting, SLO tracking and access control is available to dev and business teams.

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Shifting left on security

DevSecOps delivered

We bake in the security constraints into the software development life cycle itself. We design infrastructure with private and public subnets, follow principle of least privilege, restrict access to ports and sensitive data.

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Continuous learning

Speed through agility

We don’t claim we know it all. We embrace continuous learning culture by conducting Post-mortem for downtimes, Retrospectives for feedback and improvement.

Case studies.


AutoScaling eKYC Machine Learning workloads to 2M+ req/day



Homogenous Monitoring across Cloud and On-premise